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OB Releases His "Long Form" Certificate of Live Birth


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Sorry, but it's not about the Birth Certificate (BC). His father wasn't an American citizen by BO's own admission - both parents must be either born or naturalized US Citizens. Even so, this image looks fake - even a manual typewriter can't create discrepancies in type & font positions that look this out of wack. And the background paper looks too pristine-clean - even modern. Sorry but I just can't drink the cool aid this early in the morning. wrote:

Every U.S. president who was born after 1787, except Barack Obama and Chester A. Arthur, was born in the United States, of parents who were both U.S. citizens at the time of the candidate’s birth i.e. a natural born citizen.

It seems that Obama is using the same playbook that Chester Arthur did.

In 1880, Chester Arthur was elected Vice President, but voters seemed unaware that, when he was born, his father had not yet become a naturalized U.S. citizen and, therefore, Chester Arthur was not eligible to be Vice President. Arthur assumed the Presidency on September 19, 1881 after the assassination of President James Garfield.

While running for Vice President, Chester Arthur told outright lies and later burnednearly all of his family records thereby obscuring the fact that, when he was born, his father was a British subject and not a U.S. citizen.

Chester Arthur knew he was ineligible and acted accordingly. Likewise, Congress can claim neither ignorance nor honesty.

For the first time in US history, a post-1787-born individual, who was born of a non-U.S.-citizen parent and received, at birth, foreign nationality (British) from that parent, was knowingly elected President.

Perhaps Congress fears the turmoil, which will undoubtedly occur if Obama is removed from office. We cannot, however, expect to rely on the rule of law in the future by violating it today.

That type of threat evokes another historical anecdote. Prior to America’s entry into World War I, a German diplomat warned US Ambassador James Gerard that if America entered the war against Germany, 500,000 German-Americans stood ready to rise up against their adopted country.

In that case, Gerard responded, the U.S. had 500,000 lampposts from which to hang them.

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To conclude:

Obama is still not Constitutionally qualified to be the President because both of his parents were not US citizens. It's really that simple. IT'S NOT ABOUT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

Exactly What IS a Natural Born Citizen? Please watch and share this video:

And you want to go deeper read this recent article from WorldNetDaily:


Authors: Even Hawaii birth won't make Obama eligible

President still has major legal issues following release of 'birth certificate'

Posted: April 27, 2011
12:12 pm Eastern

© 2011 WorldNetDaily

President Obama (White House photo)
Although President Obama released a purported long-form birth certificate today indicating he was born in Hawaii, he still might not fit the constitutional eligibility requirement that stipulates only "natural born" citizens can serve as U.S. president, according to a recent bestselling book.

Read more:Authors: Even Hawaii birth won't make Obama eligible

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